Your say – thank you from Ricky Gilfilan

Thank you for kindly printing my story of the sexual abuse that happened to me when I was a young boy living in Wingham. It was a secret I kept for many years. But once I finally cracked and told my family what had happened . . . it was a huge weight off my shoulders. The perpetrator, a neighbour, was arrested and is in jail. However he could be out in four years time and back in WIngham.

I was told I could trust your paper and you’d tell the story from the heart. I have been overwhelmed by the caring, positive and supportive messages I’ve received since the article came out in your paper.

Other people who’ve been abused and never spoken up have contacted me and told me they have now spoken out too and its changed their lives, for the better.

Thank you, Di, for all you’ve done for me and many others.

Your paper is just the best.

love Ricky Gilfilan

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