Concerning Ron Posselt’s letter – Letter to the editor

Concerning the letter from Ron Posselt, GM GTCC re the SRV

(Manning Community News February edition.)

I have known the Editor and Publisher of The Manning Community News, Di Morrissey, for close to 40 years  – since we were both young journalists on various magazines/newspapers/radio.  Di also worked in TV as a reporter and is now Australia’s top selling female novelist.

Di is one of the hardest working, most courageous, energetic and honourable people I know.  The letter, ostensibly from Mr Ron Posselt the General Manager of the Greater Taree City Council, sounds more like an immature and snipey piece by a young PR person or envious junior reporter.

It is a basic law of journalism that you address the issues, not the person.  It is beneath the role of General Manager, of a large NSW council, to couch a response to serious local issues, of importance to the whole community, in such a manner.

The community response to The Manning Community News has shown they are glad there is now more transparency and open debate about how the GTCC operates.

Methinks the GM’s response to Di Morrissey’s editorial piece can only mean she touched a nerve.

Kirsten Garrett, Sydney.

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