Tomato Time!

The Manning Community News is awash in tomatoes.
Here’s an old fashioned recipe from grandmother’s Common Sense Cookery book.

Tomato Relish

1.5kg ripe tomatoes
1 tablespoon curry powder
Pinch cayenne
500g onions
1 tablespoon dry mustard
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon salt
2 ½ cups vinegar
1 tablespoon flour.

Cut up ripe tomatoes and drain.
Save the juice.
Chop tomatoes into smallish chunks
Put in saucepan with the tomatoes, sugar and vinegar.
Boil slowly till it thickens
Blend flour, curry powder, cayenne, mustard and salt with the liquid from the tomatoes.
Add to saucepan and stir until boiling.
Cook gently for 3-5 minutes
Bottle in warm jars and seal when cool.
Serve with anything and everything. Hot chops and cold corned beef. On top of scrambled eggs. It’s yum.

We have also made – tomato passata, sauce, chutney, roasted, dried, and frozen them. Just freeze whole tomatoes in a plastic bag. To use drop frozen tomatoes into boiling water, peel off skins and cook as usual (no good for salads etc.)

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