Letter to the Editor: The PM is Disappointing

What a disappointment Malcolm Turnbull has become. After nearly six months as Australian Prime Minister what has he achieved? We elect our parliamentarians to make the tough  decisions on our behalf, so why does Mr Turnbull still want to conduct an expensive $150 million dollar plebiscite on marriage equality which some MP’s don’t even regard as binding.  Why does he not want to introduce a market based carbon reduction scheme, which he has championed for years, to replace  the nonsensical direct action plan? He is abandoning Gonski, which will clearly disadvantage already disadvantaged country schools. He is unbending towards those refugees incarcerated on Nauru and Manus islands. Not only is his attitude towards the little children stuck on Nauru and innocent of any crime, utterly callous, but each of these refugees is costing the Australian tax payer $500, 000 pa and with no alternative plan, his policy is a very expensive one.

Our PM insists that Australia needs to be innovative to be able to redesign itself since the demise of the mining boom, and yet the CSIRO’s budget has been savagely reduced. Where is the consistency? Ministers are leaving the ministry in droves, some retiring, but others, like Jaime Briggs and Mal Brough demoted for their questionable behaviour. Still, it’s nice to know that Mr Turnbull is taking care of his colleagues, like Joe Hockey and Phillip Ruddock, and giving them jobs where they can live in semi retirement at tax payer’s expense.

It seems to me that Malcolm Turnbull has done nothing more than to implement Tony Abbott’s policies. Still, at least he’s abolished knighthoods.

Elizabeth Adams, 
Lismore, NSW 

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