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Check the shed and under the bed . . . you might have a collectible antique hiding at your house.

Rex Nicholls from the newly opened  Olympia Antique Solutions in Taree  is on the lookout for old and odd antiques.  Here is this month’s  collectible – a unique REDex fuel additive container with injector system.

Rex explains, “Those of us of a certain age might remember the REDex car trials of the 1950s.  Gelignite Jack Murray gained his larrikin reputation during these vehicle reliability trials by racing through the outback in what was then very rough conditions. He often used gelignite to help clear obstacles on these trial runs, saying that gelignite wasn’t dangerous, it was just a big firecracker! Hence his nickname. His wild reputation was also enhanced with his jinks which included frequently blowing up outback dunnies on his travels.

The REDex additive was said to give the vehicle much better fuel economy. One wonders what was in it!

The tin and injector is a survivor from those days. And there are keen collectors of this kind of motor memorabilia.”

Value could be between $250-$350. Or what a collector wants to pay!

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