As winter starts to settle into the garden, you might be thinking about putting on your slippers, not your gardening boots. 

But your garden still needs lots of love during the quieter months, and this season is the perfect time for planting roses, citrus, and winter veggies, as well as preventing pesky lawn weeds. And don’t forget your pruning tools – some solid pruning now means you can look forward to beautiful blooms later in the year. 

Here’s some things to do out in the garden while making the most of this beautiful weather!…


If you think winter equals no flowers, think again. Viola, hollyhock, pansy, stock, alyssum and herbaceous perennials such as delphinium, Larkspur and gerbera are in full bloom.

Now is the perfect time to get natives like banksia, Hardenbergia, grevillea and Kangaroo Paw in the ground. Their roots are actively growing through this winter period, meaning they’ll be beautifully established and ready to thrive come spring!

It’s also a great time to plant your favourite roses when they arrive at the nursery (from June onwards), fruit and citrus trees and deciduous trees and shrubs.

Winter is all about hearty vegies like broad beans, rhubarb, asparagus, beetroot and spinach.

Cut back and divide your perennials. Replant the divisions immediately and keep damp until established.


Give your annuals and veggies liquid fertiliser, such as Flourish.


Cut back deciduous, ornamental-leafed trees while there are no leaves. If your deciduous tree is a flowering or fruiting variety, however, put down the shears – cutting back now means you’ll lose your flowers or fruit for the season.

Trim hydrangea stems bearing dead heads and remove old dead wood. Make sure to cut back to the first or second pair of buds to ensure flowers return next season.

Cut back your rose stems hard. By removing old wood now, you’ll ensure a spectacular spring flower show.


After you’ve cut back your roses, spray all stems and surrounding soil with lime sulphur to keep black spot under control.

If you’re in a frost prone area and have plants that may get damaged; now’s the time to start covering up precious plants of the evening with frost blankets or spraying with Envy for piece of mind.

Slugs and snails are on the hunt for emerging bulbs and seedlings. Use animal-friendly pellets like Multiguard Snail & Slug Killer as per packet instructions.

Watch out for caterpillars on cabbage seedlings. Spray with Yates Success or sprinkle with Vegetable Dust.

Check cineraria for leaf miner. If infected, spray with Eco-Neem.

If you notice little white freckles on your citrus or rose plants, it may be louse scale. Treat with lime sulphur.

Now’s the time to ward off nasty winter grass. This weed seeds in autumn, winter and spring, then dies off in summer heat. Left untreated, it’ll weaken your lawn and result in more winter grass next season. As soon as you notice winter grass, spray with a selective weed control like Amgrow Winter Grass Killer.

Are bindiis the bane of your existence in spring and summer? Get them under control now with an application of Bin-Die.

General Garden Care

Take advantage of the quieter months to service, clean and sharpen your gardening tools and lawn mower.

Cut back and divide your perennials. Simply remove the plant from the ground and shake away some of the soil so that the roots are easily seen. The root ball can now be divided by pulling it apart with your hands, a spade or sharp knife. Replant the divisions immediately and keep damp until the new plants are established.

Reduce the amount of water you’re giving to your indoor plants over winter. Don’t forget, most indoor plants are native to tropical climates (where thick canopies block direct sunlight), so bring the water to room temperature before you give them a treat – they’re not used to it being icy!

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Eco-Oil to control aphids on young annual shoots

Moss and algae killer to stop paths and paving getting slippery

Orchid potting mix to re-pot moth orchids

Deciduous trees and Roses from Mid-June onwards

Camellias are in full bloom making selection a little easier – but it’s always hard to choose between these beauties!

Bin-Die to ensure a soft, prickle-free lawn in summer.

Envy frost protectant.

As always; if you’re looking for advice or any of these products for your garden come on in or give one of our friendly staff a call and we’ll be happy to help you. We love gardening as much as you do 😊


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