To The Editor-

I was unfortunate to have an accident while holidaying at Forster…it was our last day and we decided to take a walk along beautiful One Mile Beach…a large dog ran into me from behind causing me to fall over  …the result a broken left ankle. We are both in our 70’s and with my husband’s help I managed to get across the beach and through the walkway where my husband called a cab.

A lovely lady saw we were distressed and asked if she could help. It turned out that she was a local Podiatrist on her day off. Not only did she go to her office, get her referral pad, come to our unit at Gallipoli Court, examined my foot and advised us what to do, she came back to the unit in the afternoon after the Radiologist had rung her with the results. She then dressed my ankle and would not except any payment.

Her name is Linda Thacker from Forster Podiatry.

It’s nice to know that there are still lovely and thoughtful people in this world!

Noelene Harris,
Greystanes NSW.

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