Here’s A new fundraiser for motorcycling enthusiasts!

Spectrum Support, Australia’s leading not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting those living with  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and creating greater awareness of ASD across the broader community, has launched an innovative new fundraiser weekend getaway for motorcycling enthusiasts.

The fundraiser, called ‘The Great Weekender’, involves a three day motorcycle ride that will see riders partaking in a spectacular fun-filled ‘two wheeled’ adventure from the Opera House, across county to the outback hills of the Hunter Valley and back into Sydney via the ocean along the east coast just south of Newcastle. A masterfully curated journey of stunning sights, wonderful food, gorgeous wine and amazing entertainment, the ride is expected to book out quickly.

“We are really excited to launch The Great Weekender. We want to build awareness of autism across the community, but we also want to have some fun doing it and involve others in our journey,” says Kathrine Peereboom.

“Everyone is used to buying raffle tickets and attending lunches and black ties, and we have those fundraising activities too, but we also wanted to do something different, and introducing an annual motorcycle ride into our fundraising program is a great way to enable people to participate, have some fun and meet some new friends along the way.

“The Great Weekender is a motorcycle ride that combines a great ride, with great food and great people.”

The Great Weekender departs Sydney on Friday the 18th of October and returns to Sydney on Sunday 20 October. The cost of the ride is only $1500 per person and includes accommodation, meals, beverages, entertainment and insurances. Participants only need to bring themselves and a motorbike.

“One in 70 people live with ASD,” Kathrine said.

“We are about raising awareness and ensuring that autism gets the attention, awareness and understanding that it needs. Together as a community we can do much more to understand the challenges of living with autism and support each other in the process.”

Kathrine created Spectrum Support in 2017 as a way to communicate these issues and provide individuals, carers and the broader community with the resources, contacts, information and education in order to provide an enhanced life for those affected by ASD. Together with her husband, Stephen, they brought on board experts and started building the resources and range of services and products to provide to the community including: fact sheets, blogs, access to help and support services, training materials; and course modules.

“No one in Australia or the world is offering the combined services we are and we are changing the way communities, even countries approach ASD,” Kathrine added.

Spectrum Support is an Australian not-for-profit organisation based in Sydney dedicated to the safety, health, education and inclusion for anyone living with or caring for a loved one with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Further services and initiatives are being activated over the next twelve months including training, education, online service provider directories, ASD identification tools and more.

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