Fukushima. An Unfolding Cataclysmic Event.

By Dr Jim Frazier

Six years ago a magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a giant tsunami crashed into Japan and swamped the Fukushima nuclear Power plant causing a serious meltdown. The current situation with the plant after considerable effort by the Japanese government has been fruitless and now unable to control the serious radioactive leakage into the ocean. The methodology they are using is to pump seawater into the plant to keep the reactors cool with the highly radioactive seawater flowing back into the sea.

This radioactive contamination is now circulating into the Pacific Ocean with catastrophic consequences for all life in the sea. The radioactive seawater is killing millions of sea creatures on the west coast of America and making its way into the Nordic sea as well as making its way down the East coast of Australia. Dead whales, dolphins, sharks, fish and starfish are now washing up onto beaches everywhere.

My greatest fear is that it is already affecting the phytoplankton; these tiny creatures are at the bottom of the food chain and if they are wiped out, it will have serious consequences with the breakdown of the whole food chain. The seas deliver 40% of the worlds food supply and is now poised on the brink. The consequences for mankind and future generations will be catastrophic and will affect every nation on earth if nothing is done to arrest the problem.

There now exists a great urgency to help Japan resolve this most serious problem, I believe, ever faced by mankind and future generations. I also believe that every nation on earth should weigh in with knowledge, expertise and assistance for Japan to resolve the problem as soon as possible before it is too late.















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