A little gem in a small community – Mondrook Hall

Research has revealed that Mondrook Hall was built in 1939. An extract from The Northern Champion 10th May 1939. – “The Mondrook Hall Community officially opened on Thursday night, (4th May), when over 250 persons attended. The hall was tastefully decorated and the name “Mondrook Community Hall”, worked in flowers, adorned one wall.”

The hall was originally built on land donated by Mr A. McM. Singleton for Junior Farmers to hold lectures, social gatherings and to house the show exhibits. Remembering that in the early days this was primarily a dairying community,  the Junior Farmers’ Club was well attended and supported. It has been recorded that in 1939  these upcoming young farmers held an annual show on site with a record of 1,092 entries.  Imagine the hard work of the Mondrook Community that went into the planning, raising funds and building the hall. How proud they would be to see the hall still lovingly being cared for and used today.

The hall continued to be used by the local community, including the school and in the early 1960’s interested  P & C members took over the management of the hall. Records show the hall being used throughout the years until 1976 for events such as: Euchre parties, Empire Day celebrations, Balls, Dances, Junior Farmers, Socials, parties and as a Polling Booth.

Sadly,  a time came that a lonely building sat vacant and silently weathering in an era of changing society. The Mondrook School  closed in 1970 and committee members moved on. Then in 1993 a new era began for Mondrook Hall  when a hard working and dedicated band of people set about repairing and bringing the hall to meet newly required standards. We, as a community, are so grateful and indebted to these people who saved “Our Hall” giving it a pulse that beats on today.

Only a handful of the original family descendants remain in the community. Many of the properties have been divided up and changed ownership. New residents have moved in who appreciate the rural amenity and close proximity to the village of Tinonee and towns of both Wingham and Taree. How fortunate for us folk that live in such a beautiful area and amongst a wonderful community.

Today, The Mondrook  Hall Committee work hard to keep the hall viable for the residents so that we remain a community. The annual Christmas party is well attended and people are happy to meet with neighbouring families and friends. The children particularly love the get together.

Every month Country Music draws a large number of people. This is a very relaxing afternoon with a variety of artists providing entertainment and a great afternoon tea is provided. It is planned that from next month there will be a small market of local produce that can be bought or traded prior to the country music.

Other community events at the hall are the popular Trivia Night and the Mega Garage Sale. Every year a dedicated and environmentally proud band of volunteers assemble at the hall to “Clean Up Australia”;  cleaning-up the roadside from Wingham to Tinonee.

Hirings  for parties, weddings,  wakes and reunions also help with the hall upkeep.

The hall committee would love to welcome newcomers or other interested people so that we can keep this little gem functioning and be there for future generations. Use it or lose it!

Hall bookings can be made by phoning 0488464819.

Cheryl Ladmore


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